365 Daze (2021)

Title/Date: 365 DAZE (2021)

Author(s): Alana Brekelmans, Elena Quirk, Hannah Reardon-Smith, Sophie Reid-Singer (clunkk), Leonie Rhodes.

Place of Publication: Sub Rosa (Brisbane).

Format:  Real-time glitch projection performance 1 hour.

365 Daze (2021) is a participatory performance produced by DJ Boom Boom Bean Selecta who mixed a cosmic soundscape accompanied by the modulated electric flute of Hannah Reardon-Smith, otherwise known as ‘Cyberbanshee’. Centering thematically on the symbolism of the sun as the force that unites us all, this artwork aimed to foster a warm dancefloor experience that was joyous and communal. My role was to control the audio-reactive sun imagery (which I had developed), which featured on the LED wall acting as a backdrop to the DJ booth. The role of Alana Brekelmans and Elena Quirk as movers (dancers) was to encourage idle spectators to join in the fun. As a team, we endeavored to lower the inhibitions of our audience while we performed at Sub Rosa in Fortitude Valley Brisbane, and encourage collective joy.


TLDR; we are all cyborgs.

Imagery of cyborgs in this videogame did not emancipate disabled peoples from the strict legal conditions imposed by the Australian Government.

I encountered the same ‘elusive green line glitch’ with the HDMI provided from Sub Rosa. It produced a digital rain effect similar to that of Ghost In The Shell (1995, Mamoru Oshii). I opted to keep it, but the general consensus was that my actual graphics were more suited.

A 3D model of the sun ripped from NASA’s opensource library was the center feature, and using keyboard commands I could cycle through camera angles and alter post-processing effects. With some light maths, I programmed an orbit from the sun. Using the space key sent in hundreds of asteroids, which fought for space, victors settling in orbit. Luckily Unity has its own physics engine that handles most of the labour, but being rather maths-illerate, this pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Below are two machinima I produced demonstrating differing physics operations.

This last video below is a machinima demonstrating the resolved artwork I developed, and the stages it might cycle through. It is reacting to me pressing keyboard commands whilst blowing and whistling into a ATR4697-USB Microphone as the Weirdos Waltz plays in the background.

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