Muliebrity [2] (2020) @ Pollinator

Title/Date: Muliebrity [2] (2020).

Place of Publication: “Pollinator: Saara Roppola” at Frequencies TV (Brisbane).

Format: Real-time glitch projection performance 4 hours.


An experiment in Muliebrity[i], continued from Muliebrity[1].

I began articulating Muliebrity [i] during Pollinator ‘jams’. Pollinator is a melting-pot of interdisciplinary artists (contemporary dancers (many practicing Butoh), sound-artists, and mark-makers of every description) curated by Saara Roppola with an emphasis on participating in the non-verbal “theatre of the studio.” It is a bit of a ‘monster-mash.’ Participation is accompanied by deep, ambient and drone musicians who set the tone for often euphoric and sometimes macabre explorations of identity and the Other. I attended three sessions where I projected a backdrop/stage for ‘movers’ through Muliebrity [i].

In this Pollinator, in a much reduced production of 4 hours, movers, sound-artists, and myself joined again at Frequencies TV to livestream. Instead of collecting content on site, this time I arrived with a developed build of pre-loaded buggy content. This included two 2D ‘puppets’ of native insects who are threatened by the effects of climate change and [man-made] pollution. I made the graphics using paintings that Saara had provided me, which I segmented and built into pin armatures within After Effects.


I programmed several functions into an Xbox 360 controller which allowed me to control the post processing parameters and enter and exit the bug actors in the scene. Performers enjoyed interacting with the bug actors and the controller helped me keep time with the movers more organically.

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