Muliebrity [3] (2021) @ Pollinator

Title/Date: Muliebrity [3] (2021).

Place of Publication: “Pollinator: Saara Roppola” at Golbies Basement (Ipswich).

Format: Real-time glitch projection performance 4 hours.


An experiment in Muliebrity[i], continued from Muliebrity[1] and Muliebrity[2].

I began articulating Muliebrity [i] during Pollinator ‘jams’. Pollinator is a melting-pot of interdisciplinary artists (contemporary dancers (many practicing Butoh), sound-artists, and mark-makers of every description) curated by Saara Roppola with an emphasis on participating in the non-verbal “theatre of the studio.” It is a bit of a ‘monster-mash.’ Participation is accompanied by deep, ambient and drone musicians who set the tone for often euphoric and sometimes macabre explorations of identity and the Other. I attended three sessions where I projected a backdrop/stage for ‘movers’ through Muliebrity [i].

In this Pollinator, in another production of 4 hours, movers, sound-artists, and myself joined again at Golbies Basement in Ipswich to perform privately. This time I went back to the strategy of working from the Unity scene view, and arrived with image reels prepared from videos of Saara walking down storm drains and exploring the surrounding bushland in Ipswich. I also created two more bug puppet actors, who I dissected and reassembled into armatures to animate in AfterEffects beforehand. I guided these into and out of the scene and interacted with movers by dragging the bug actors with my cursor.


This time I used my own projector, and due to the size of the venue was unable to match the coverage at Frequencies TV. But I split the surface area across the wall and onto the roof, which performers enjoyed being submerged by.

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