properPell0rB0t (2021)

Title/Date: properPell0rB0t (2021).

Author(s): Sophie Reid-Singer (clunkk).

Place of Publication: “Bad Olive + Brisbane Street Art Festival” at Superordinary (Brisbane).

Format: Dynamic (2) interactive projection artwork (local multiplayer videogame).


properPell0rB0t (2021) was a sound activated projection artwork exhibited by Bad Olive for the Brisbane Street Art Festival 2021 at Superordinary.

Bad Olive is the creative figuration of Abbie Olive, a designer who sources local talents to activate spaces with music, art, light, and fashion. Bad Olive platforms emergent and established local artists exploring provocative subject matters and designs, with a particular emphasis on inclusivity, radical self-expression, and celebration.

The feature of this dual projection artwork was properPell0rB0t. The soundscape was composed by Unregistered Master Builder – the figuration of Joseph Burgess. Burgess turned the nearby stairs into a speaker by amplifying the wood to play an AI remix of Anoche (last night) by Arca. Conceptually, properPell0rB0t is able to gravitate off ground-floor with the energy instilled by the soundscape. This generative mural was a stint to call attention to the lack of accessibility at the venue. 2D Elements were composed within Unity and were hand-drawn with a marker, scanned, and prepared as sprites. My animation is modulated using sound-data collected via a FFT (on location I used a microphone).


TLDR; the cyborg in this artwork is properPell0rB0t.

Imagery of cyborgs in this videogame did not emancipate disabled peoples from the strict legal conditions imposed by the Australian Government.

Fancy graphics do nothing in place of conversation. When I revealed to the event producers my statement, they explained to me they had applied for funding to fix the elevator at the venue but had been rejected by local council because the building was due to be condemned (in the next few years). People want inclusive accessible spaces; it is the red tape imposed by councils, such as the Brisbane City Council, that impede this.

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