Trash-Eater (2021)

Title/Date: Trash-Eater (2021).

Author(s): Sophie Reid-Singer (clunkk).

Place of Publication: “SUB SBASS” at Black Box Theater (Nambour).

Format: Interactive projection artwork (local multiplayer videogame).


Trash-Eater (2021) was an interactive sound activated projection artwork which exhibited at the Black Box Theater in Nambour during a drum-and-bass event by SUB SBASS.

My design for this artwork was a disembodied cyborg made of Holden parts with a metal shredder for a face. Two ‘eyes’ were mapped on to the SUB SBASS hexagonal stage-design. This was an experiment to make a hyper-masculine cyborg. My attempt at hyper-masculinity was to not so subtlety symbolise the rusty Holden ute. As with other cyborgs I depicted during this project; while visually imposing, this character uses its weaponry to generate a spectacle and encourage a good time.

On the night I passed around a wireless computer mouse (hot-potato style), which allowed the audience to interact with the cyborg by sending trash cubes its way (which were promptly crushed and consumed) by aiming and pressing the middle mouse button. Additionally, the left and right buttons shot flames from the exhaust pipe on the cyborg’s face. Believe or not, this cyborg is an environmentalist, and converts waste into energy. He’s just here to have a good time, and happy to help.

A development stage of the shredder is shown below, which I captured as machinima.

Video documentation of the event and crowd interactions is shown below.


TLDR; the cyborg in this artwork is the huge cyborg that shoots flames out its face and crushes steel with its shredder-mouth.

Imagery of cyborgs in this videogame did not emancipate disabled peoples from the strict legal conditions imposed by the Australian Government.

However, I did develop a number of skills related to projection mapping, crowd participation strategies, and 3D modelling.

Side Note:

Two notes,

SUB SBASS should be commended for the inclusive electronic dance community they foster, of which they ensure is always accessible.

With this artwork, I threw artistic sensibility to the kerb and made the biggest, loudest, toughest cyborg I could because why not?

Below is the promotional poster I was very excited to be named on, and will archive here.

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